Urban Data Services

Providing local insight with a global context through evidence-based research.

We are a mission-oriented research center working with real-time data to produce high-quality research on cities around the world.

Our insights help private and public entities understand local, national, and global challenges to devise sounder, smarter, informed solutions.

Focusing on the idea of continuous improvement for the public good, we tackle issues in the complex urban ecosystem to improve city services and livability through close performance monitoring and analyses.

What We Offer

Econometric Analysis

We analyze available time-series data on a city and country-level to create city-level estimates.

Price Indexes

We monitor the prices of common products and services around the world, and create bespoke price indexes that delve into the heart of specific lifestyles.

Availability Analysis

We help clients estimate the potential of a market by measuring the availability of specific services and products which are at the core of certain lifestyles.

Geospatial Analysis

We produce hyperlocalized analytics by using points of interest in geospatial analysis.

City Branding analysis

We analyze the reputation of cities online to provide public institutions with a guideline to measure their desirability.

Citizen Surveys

We employ primary research techniques through expert panels in academia, media, and advocacy, as well as and social media to get real-time feedback on urban issues today.

Image Categorization

We turn your unannotated images into annotated images with bounding boxes around objects of interest through e-commerce and image tagging and moderation.

Sentiment Analysis

Our human-powered text annotation empowers enterprises to identify and extract sentiment.

Providing local insight with a global context through evidence-based research.

Insights that matter.