About US

Magmatic’s experts work with a diverse client base across a range of sectors including real estate, healthcare, transport and lifestyle to deliver urban insights driven by the highest quality sources.

Based on the latest data, our studies offer comprehensive city-level analyses to industry leaders around the globe. We believe that the best decisions are supported by comprehensive data guided by credible methodologies and scrutinized by an experienced, international team and industry specialists.


Cristian Heidarson is the Founder and Principal Analyst of Magmatic Research, where he focuses on city benchmarking and city branding. His diverse career as an analyst has spanned academic, corporate and public relations-oriented research over twenty years.

He has developed profiles for hundreds of cities across the globe to serve the needs of clients across a diverse set of industries, including healthcare providers, property developers, e-retailers, Smart City solution developers and logistics companies.

Cristian is a co-author of “A Philosophy of Management Accounting” published by Routledge, in which he introduces a theoretical framework for analysing corporate communication and its role in furthering the interests of public organisations. 

He has worked as a statistical consultant for academic projects and as a co-supervisor for several B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses in banking and finance completed at Trondheim Business School and Gothenburg Business School. He also covered multiple technology industries for ten years as a Principal Analyst with Gartner.


Local insights in global context.